• Dilvpoetry 6J1  Mini Vacuum Tube Preamp Audio
  • Dilvpoetry 6J1  Mini Vacuum Tube Preamp Audio
  • Dilvpoetry 6J1  Mini Vacuum Tube Preamp Audio
  • Dilvpoetry 6J1  Mini Vacuum Tube Preamp Audio
  • Dilvpoetry 6J1  Mini Vacuum Tube Preamp Audio

Dilvpoetry 6J1 Mini Vacuum Tube Preamp Audio

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This is a preamplifier, not a power amplifier or phono preamp, can't be used for turntables or passive speakers.
RCA input to the computer, CD, phone, iPod and other player and RCA output to the digital amplifiers, active multimedia audio devices for lossless audio(The RCA cables not included).
Small compact design, with optimal integrated circuit to get powerful, dynamic and sweet sound. Tubes can be
replaced by 6K4,6AK5,EF95, 5654,403B tubes.
This pre-amp improves everything detail, transparency, immediacy, richness, tone associated with your music.
Built-in Switch impact protection circuit and overheat protection circuit, long life span of this unit. All aluminum alloy shell and come with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty.
Perfectly suited for your desktop or a smaller space in your home or office, P1 is easy to connect to your Power amplifier or active(powered) speakers with no software to install or settings to change. One easy to use dial turns the P1 on/off, and adjusts the volume, with no need for other buttons or knobs.
2pcs 6J1 tubes with optimal integrated circuit to get powerful, dynamic and sweet TUBE SOUND! No pop, no audible noise, dead silent when nothing is playing through it, exclusively designed for the customers who pursue HiFi sound. Tubes can be replaced, 6K4,6AK5,EF95, 5654,403B tubes are fit for this device. Different tubes, different feeling.
Q: All my lines are connected, but there is no sound output?
 1. Check if the POWER indicator is on. If it is not lit, turn the switch on. After pressing the power button, the indicator light still does not light up. At this time, you can find an equivalent voltage output (must be 12V) and test again.
2. If the indicator light is on, check if the VOL knob is in the minimum state, such as clockwise rotation in the minimum state.
3. If both of the above are normal, check if the playback device of the input source is paused, muted, or the volume is at its minimum.
Q: Why is the sound broken?
 A:This product is a pre-stage product, and it also has amplifying effect. If the volume of the rear-end device is adjusted to the maximum and the pre-stage is also adjusted to the maximum, it is easy to be distorted. At this time, you only need to move the pre- or post-level. The volume can be adjusted smaller.
Q: Why is the volume of the machine unchanged, and the sound source is different when accessing different audio sources (such as connecting the CD first and then changing to the mobile phone)?
A: The amplitude of the output signal of different playback devices is different. For example, the mobile phone is usually 0.35MV, and the CD is 1V. The natural sound size is different.
Q: Why does the speaker have a large current sound?
A: If you are not using the original standard power supply, please replace the power supply before testing. Many power supplies in the market have a large interference coefficient, which will cause a large current sound.
Q: Why do I not play the sound source after I plug in the input cable, and the speaker will have a loud beep?
Answer: When the unshielded signal line is used, the interference signal will enter the amplifier for amplification. If you hate this sound, you are advised to replace the shielded signal line or unplug the signal line.
Q: Why did the pre-biliary level buy back and start listening to the sound is very hard, the tri-band is not very clear, but after 1 day, it is normal?
A: The electron tube is a very sensitive device. The temperature should generally reach a certain level to achieve the best effect. Therefore, the sound is very natural after about half an hour of warming up.
Q: Can I replace the tube upgrade?
A: Yes, at present, we have tested and matched 6K4/6J4/GE5654/6AK5/6*1n, which can be directly replaced. Different tube sounds will be very different.
Q: Can I replace the tube with the power supply?
A: No, it is very easy to burn out the tube because the inside of the machine is working at high voltage. If the hot-swappable tube is burnt out, it may damage the machine.
Q: Can this machine be connected to a phonograph/record player?
A: At present, this does not support the signal input of the phonograph/record player. Because the amplitude of the output signal of the phonograph/recorder is very small, it is necessary to increase the phono amplifier.
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